At Kemnitz Orthodontics, we routinely offer multiple SAVINGS.

  • Family Savings: A savings is applied to treatment of multiple family members.
  • Multi-Phase Treatment Savings: If a patient had phase I early treatment/interceptive treatment in our office, then a savings is applied to the phase II treatment.
  • Parent Treatment Savings: A $500 savings is applied to the treatment of a parent if treatment begins within 60 days of their child starting treatment or within 60 days of their child’s braces being removed.
  • Flex Plan: Your employer may offer a medical/dental spending account which allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for your medical/dental expenses. You may be able to pay for a sizable portion of orthodontic treatment using “flex” dollars.
  • Insurance Coverage: We can usually deduct the anticipated benefit from what you owe. As such, your insurance benefits can reduce both your initial payment and your monthly payments.

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