Invisalign First

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We now offer cutting edge Invisalign treatment for our younger patients.

Invisalign First allows us to treat our young patients, typically age 7 to 10, using the powerful technology of Invisalign. Teeth are moved in small gentle steps using clear plastic aligners instead of conventional metal appliances.

Why Invisalign First®

Invisalign First allows us to correct problems early.

  • Arch expansion to reduce crowding and avoid permanent tooth extractions.
  • Correct and guide your child's jaw growth.
  • Reduce and simplify future treatment needs.
  • Address psycho-social issues related to your child's maligned teeth.

How Does Invisalign First® Work?

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Your child will wear a series of clear aligners that fit precisely over their teeth. These aligners are removed to eat, for sports, music etc. Each aligner creates a small amount of tooth movement and the aligners are changed weekly.

Our Invisalign First patients typically find that wearing the clear aligners is more comfortable in comparison to traditional metal appliances.

What's new with Invisalign First®?

Invisalign First can now be used for correction of severe “overbites”. For example, a young patient may have protruding upper front teeth and a small lower jaw resulting in a severe bite discrepancy. Invisalign First can now incorporate mandibular advancement wings into the aligners. These “wings” interlock to help posture the lower jaw forward while simultaneously retracting the protruding front teeth. By doing this correction early, we can reduce the risk of injury to the front teeth and gain early bite correction, reduce future treatment needs and potentially gain a better end result.

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How Do We Get Started with Invisalign First®?

Invisalign First treatment begins with a simple scan of the teeth along with the usual diagnostic photos and x-ray. The scan creates a digital virtual model of the teeth and Dr. Kemnitz then creates 3D virtual tooth movement. We don’t need to begin with a gooey-gaggy impressions. The treatment involves small comfortable aligners rather than traditional metal devices.

Starting little shifts today goes a long way.

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