Surgical Treatment

A malocclusion or “bad bite” can form when there is a growth discrepancy in the size or shape of one or both jaws. Orthodontic treatment alone can often correct most of these problems. There are times, however, when a jaw discrepancy is too great and that correction requires a treatment including both orthodontic treatment and corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

Combined surgical-orthodontic treatment requires careful treatment planning as well as careful coordination of care between Dr. Kemnitz and an oral surgeon. Before any treatment begins, we will do a complete diagnostic evaluation and make certain that you have a complete understanding of the steps involved in your treatment. To insure that you are fully informed about the surgery, we will also have you consult with an oral surgeon.

Dr. Kemnitz completed his orthodontic specialty training at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, a center for advanced surgical-orthodontic care. While at Mayo, his research also involved surgical-orthodontic treatment. Over the years, Dr. Kemnitz has cultivated an excellent working relationship with a number of excellent oral surgeons who he trusts to provide outstanding surgical care.

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