Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy is simple.

I want to give you the nicest smile and healthiest bite possible, but at the same time, minimize the costs involved.

Whenever possible, I will attempt to treat on a non-extraction basis. Properly timed treatment and current technologies frequently allow us to avoid the need for tooth removal.

We work hard to stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can offer the fastest, most comfortable treatment options available. We offer Invisalign brace free treatment in addition to traditional braces.

Cutting Edge Technology: Instead of gooey impressions, we can often use the iTero scanner to take a digital image of your teeth. For Invisalign treatment, this allows us to achieve superior treatment results and greater patient comfort. Digital technology is used exclusively for x-rays and imaging.

Most treatment can be accomplished in a single phase, but there are times when a two phase treatment is best. I will only recommend “early” phase I treatment when it is essential, such as helping to avoid potential damage that could be caused by waiting, helping to reduce the amount of future treatment, and/or to significantly improve the final result.

We will do everything that we can to make orthodontic treatment affordable. We offer multiple payment options and will do our best to accommodate your financial situation.

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